Romero Britto was born in Brazil on October 6, 1963. Art first entered Romeros life when he was a young child but he did not understand art as a profession until his older brother brought home books about famous artists like Toulouse Lautrec. Britto began copying the works of these masters from the books he got from his brother day after day. In the beginning, art was an outlet Britto used to escape even through his teenage years and early twenties when Romero was working toward entry into law school. Romero has explored many media including watercolor, pen and ink, serigraphy, lithography, acrylic, and even finger paint. Brittos work embodies the expressionist color patterns of the Fauves, the multi-dimensional facets of Cubism, and the reference to mass culture in Pop Art. With clean, bold, and colorful imagery, Britto subtly delivers strong, poignant messages in a refreshing and upbeat manner. His masterful use of form and color resonate with activism, allowing him to address a variety of social and political issues. Romero Britto has exhibited around the globe and has achieved a monumental following. His artworks are in the collections of heads of state, European nobility, international art collectors, and superstars of the sports, entertainment, and business worlds. Among those collecting Brittos work are such celebrities as Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Britto has been commissioned for major projects including advertising campaigns for Absolut Vodka. He has been featured in many articles published in Forbes, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, ARTNews, and more. Romero is renowned for his chartable contributions and activities whether it be helping to protect and preserve the Brazilian rainforest, assisting the mentally ill, or funding research for AIDS.