Born in 1980 in Casablanca (Morocco), Leila Ghandi is the result of a multicultural background. As a child, she coursed her studies at the French School of Casablanca and has therefore grown in both a Moroccan and European environment. In 1998, at the age of 18, Leila moved to Europe where she lived between France and Great Britain during the following years, completing her studies in International Business and Management. Finally, she obtained her MBA graduation in Marketing and Strategy at the prestigious University of Sciences-Po in Paris. Although her vocation for arts has dwelled deep within ever since childhood, her career proper as a professional writer and photographer sprang off her last two long-haul journeys across South America and China. In 2003, while on an assignment for the Embassy of France in Santiago de Chile, she lived and traveled all around Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina gathering material for her very first project, the Andean societies. During 2004, Leila worked for a governmental organization in Beijing. After having explored most of China, she trekked on into Tibet, Mongolia and further over-landed her way back to Paris through Russia and outer Siberia. In 2005, her so re-branded Chronicles from China (writings and photos) have been successfully published by a major Moroccan magazine and are currently due to be released as a hard-cover book. Furthermore, Leila has been recently approached by a highly-regarded, nation-wide weekly publication to expand on the original concepts displayed in her Chronicles. We can safely say that Leila's career as a traveler, writer and photographer is an ongoing quest for inspiration and discovery in a sincere attempt to better witness and capture moments the way they truly are.

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