200 cm x 130 cm
ALBEN (1973)  

Self-taught artist, aware of art from a very young age, Alben has been fed by the multiplicity of images, advertisements and documentaries, which he establishes as "contemporary mythologies”. Influenced by the speed with which our contemporary society communicates and transmits the information, he is at the same time, impregnated by a protean musical universe. His challenge is to translate and transpose those sources in his personal imagination, using various painting techniques he soon enriched by the appropriation of material through the creation of buffer materials and composites by the introduction of resin. With a vast repertoire of stencils and a variety of utensils, it renews the “instrumentalization” of the bomb. The specificity of the work of Alben is precisely that it has no claim to be part of a particular artistic movement. There is not here a willingness to dissent. It's just his way of being autonomous and independent artist. Indeed, his art does not suffer from any classification, no specific categorization, capable of locking his "maniera" in a specific register. It is moving toward a rewriting of contemporary immediacy, experimenting and inventing techniques to digest responsible for erecting forms to become icons. The only purpose of his art, if indeed we had to assign one, consists of the transcript of a raw immediacy. The viewer is then transported in a space-time universe shifted. Here we touch ironic vein of his work. Conditioned by a society where the quest for meaning is a leitmotif, we find jostled, if not destitute, facing the immediate delivery of images, scripted and processed burst the traditional clichés of art.

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