European national, born in Belgium, Tom has lived, traveled, studied and worked in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East and Africa. He and his wife Drieke are currently living in the USA. Keen on further engaging in multicultural exchanges, he is always eager to move on to the next international experience: a documentary photography project of the caravanserais in Middle East and Central Asia. Documentary photographer, with a profound interest in architecture and history, he got intrigued by these caravanserais and is fascinated in linking them up with current international affairs in the Middle East, the West and the East. His first series of photos from Northern Iran, has resulted in an art collaboration with Gilles Neuray, a series of exhibitions at galleries in Portland, USA and his first solo exhibition in Paris, France in collaboration with l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture (ENSA) of Paris-Val de Seine. Traveler, nomad, wandering and restless mind, this is a life’s journey. Recently he returned from another four months road trip thru Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, which resulted in a second visual documentary on the caravanserais. A small selection of photos, on a caravanserai at the Byzantine site of Al Resafa in Syria, is currently showing in a photography group show in Portland, USA. His exhibition at Art Lounge was his first showing of the full photography series of Caravanserai in the Levant.

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